Big Hoss Mobile Welding & Repair

On-site welding services New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts

The Photo's below are from a past job where the customer contacted us to cut off this machines two out rigger boxes and weld new out rigger boxes back on the machine. 

Below are before and after photos of cracks repaired in a front-end loader. Lifting eyes were arc-gouged off and re-welded back on following manufactures repair procedure.

Snow Plow Repair below. Re-enforced the weak frame.


The following photos are from a grapple modification. The ears holding the pins in were torch cut off then the grapple was positioned and welded on a mounting plate.

Photos below, the customers asked us to come in and removed and replace an air track axle seat on a truck. Old one was arc-gouged off then the new one was welded on.

Bucket Repair

Cast aluminum repair, the pivot point on this bracket broke off. Welded back in place using the TIG welding process.

Stainless steel exhaust repair below. Repaired two cracked welds, added two stabilizer brackets and shortened the overall height of the exhaust pipe on a fishing boat.

Below: Aluminum Sail boat part

Below: TIG welded aluminum frame

Below: Metal frame for a local business